VR Fuck Dolls has three amazing game modes to enhance your gaming experience. These were part of one of the largest updates to our game since launch and have pushed the limits of gameplay even further. Make sure to include them in your daily schedule whenever you get ready to beat the meat.

Campaign Mode 3D sex game

Campaign Mode

You can now go on a sexual adventure by playing our brand new campaign mode. Become the ultimate pornstar of VR Fuck Dolls city and have sex with the hottest VR babes in the industry. Will you climb the ladder and join the select group of elite players who have achieved stardom?

Campaign Mode 3D sex game

Daily Missions

Daily missions are the perfect incentive to experience new things with your fuck doll. Will you be able to make your partner orgasm multiple times in one session? Which new position will you have to master this time around? We strongly believe this new feature will have you coming back for more.

Campaign Mode 3D sex game

Group Sex

Group sex is the ultimate level of our online game mode. With this new feature, you will be able to share your fantasies with other real players from VR Fuck Dolls. Too shy in real life to try it out? Never had a chance to be with multiple partners before? This is the time and the place to go beyond.


Take a look at our new and improved customization interface. It’s so easy to use, you’ll be able to get right into the action within a matter of minutes. And for those who like to put in the extra details, you will be able to personalize your models to a level you never thought possible.

 vrfuckdolls custom menu

Customization on another level

VR Fuck Dolls does not only allow you to customize highly realistic models, it allows you to personalize and transform them at any time. If you wish your dream girl to go from blond to brunette mid-fuck, you are just a click away. And with hundreds of backgrounds and setups to choose from, you will be able to create an ambiance that suits your needs. Dungeon, high-school, club, beach : you’ll be able to fuck who you want wherever you want.